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 04x11 "'TILL DEATH DO US PART" Spoilers

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PostSubject: Re: 04x11 "'TILL DEATH DO US PART" Spoilers   Thu Jan 05, 2012 8:06 am

Happy happy shock

I'm really Really REALLY excited.... happy

Can I just say I love the fact Alexis is going to be at the wedding. I had a dream the other week that Alexis & Beckett were talking after the ceremony. Someone announces that the bouquet is about to be thrown...Beckett says that if Alexis goes to catch the bouquet & actually gets would freak her dad out. Alexis says that she thinks her dad would be more freaked out if Beckett caught it!

Also note that Ryan & Jenny are 'cleansing' themselves before they get married. (someone wrote the script with the horrid green drink in it, someone in the props dep got the bottle & the drinkable green's not on the cutting room floor...) so I think we can safely assume that 'baggage' carried before/into a marriage will be addressed (hello Meredith & Gina? That would be a great convo for Beckett & Alexis)
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PostSubject: 'Castle' Sneak Peek: My Number   Thu Jan 05, 2012 5:02 pm

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PostSubject: Re: 04x11 "'TILL DEATH DO US PART" Spoilers   Fri Jan 06, 2012 3:22 am

SOOO interesting. I was on an FB page an it's AMAZING to me how many girls are like, yeah, Beckett's number won't be that high, or Castle's will be higher. First off, I don't think they'll have her answer it, just torture him with the possibilities. Razz However, if they DO go there, I'm thinking Beckett's will be higher than his - and his won't be as high as we'd expect. I'm thinking about that 90's(?) movie Nfour Weddings and a Funeral) Hugh Grant is the rich "playboy" who beds Andie McDowell. They end up trading numbers and his was like ten, and hers was like 37. LOL! Of course, such a thing would upset a certain number of fans - which is why I think they won't do the actual numbers.

Still, this storyline creates the PERFECT opportunity to reveal that Castle was the one cheated on is his marriage, and it might make him more of 'alot of bark, but rarely bites." I've always figured (and I explore it my fanfic) that Beckett was on the wild side as a teen and maybe did her own version of going crazy after her mom died. One of the things that struck me in season 2 is that Castle couldn't read that Miss Monroe was playing him for a shot at the movie role. He REALLY didn't see it. THAT, to me, hints at a guy who maybe has NOT banged every girl around. It would be interesting to see Beckett's reaction to realizing that she actually is the more experienced one (not that I'm saying Castle's gonna be INEXPERIENCED happy .) Just that it might be lower than expected, and that BECKETT'S will either be higher, or she's never gonna really answer it.

K' going to bed. I've actually been sick the last two days with the worst cold. Neutral
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PostSubject: Re: 04x11 "'TILL DEATH DO US PART" Spoilers   

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04x11 "'TILL DEATH DO US PART" Spoilers
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