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PostSubject: THE CASTLE CLOSET: BECKETT AND THE WHITE SHIRTS OF WOE?   Sat Jun 21, 2014 10:27 am

I had no idea of the character.
But the moment I was dressed, the clothes and
the make-up made me feel the person he was.
I began to know him, and by the time I walked
onto the stage he was fully born.

- Charlie Chaplin

Clothes can be a visual way to express what is going on in a characters mind. An external indication of internal vocabulary or emotions.

Dress to impress, dress to conform, dress to stand out, dress for comfort...

Clothes are the frontline of how we present ourselves to the world

@RedCarpetLuke: @TinkonBrink Many actors tell me it's the shoes.  When they put their feet in the right shoes
they know who the character is (20th January, 2014)

@RedCarpetLuke: #StyleSunday:  "Clothes make the man.
Naked people have little or no influence on society." Mark Twain

@RedCarpetLuke: I always find that I need MORE white shirts in my closet.
Good idea to have a few different styles to work with your mood. (1st Ocober 2013)


If you think that something as simple as a white shirt can't be used to convey the different predicaments and emotions that a character find themselves in then you would be wrong.

Let us take a look at some of the "simple" white shirts Beckett has in her wardrobe and what they do to further the story arc and indicate character mindset.

The Johanna Beckett case always stirs up a myriad of emotions within Kate Beckett. In the Season 5 episode "Recoil" Beckett finds herself crossing paths with Senator Bracken once again. This is the man, the puppeteer pulling the strings on the Johanna Beckett case and the subsequent fallout within the NYPD.

So, what does Beckett's wardrobe do to further the audiences understanding? Let us look closer...

"RECOIL" - Beckett dealing with Senator Bracken

@RedCarpetLuke: @Stana_Katic  gets buttoned up in @Burberry navy suit and
gold-collared white shirt.  Amazing fabrics and wicked silhouettes. (4th February, 2013)

@RedCarpetLuke: The fabric on Beckett's @Burberry blouse is metallic thread French twill.
Looks like hammered gold! (4th February, 2013)

You can see the shirt is buttoned all the way up to the top. A clear indication that a Beckett defensive wall is being erected.

The metallic thread on the collar lessens the severity a little, but the fact that the detail is in metallic thread is still in keeping with the tougher edge of this wardrobe ensemble.

The jacket is neat and semi-fitted (not like one of Beckett's loose-fitting boyfriend blazers.)

The colour pallet is restricted to black, cream/white and the hint of gold at the collar.

This is a Kate Beckett on guard. This is her armor.

"PROBABLE CAUSE" - Beckett under stress

@RedCarpetLuke: Beckett's white shirt is from @Burberry.  Clean, well fitted and
deceptively simple. Beautifully cut white cotton poplin. (29th October, 2013)

Here we see Beckett in her statement white shirt. No jacket. In this episode Castle's liberty and life are both on the line. This is Beckett having to be at the top of her game, the top of her job.

She is stripped of colour (back to the monochrome again) and the shirt is a no nonsense tailored fit.

To add colour (suggesting a happier demeanor) or add any embellishments (detracting from Beckett's focus) would not be befitting of the situation Beckett finds herself fighting through in this episode.

"SCARED TO DEATH" - Logical Beckett

"THE WAY OF THE NINJA" - Logical Beckett

@RedCarpetLuke:.@VivienneFlynn Beckett's white blouse from 
Monday's episode is from Burberry! @FashionOnCastle

"DEMONS" - Logical Beckett

@RedCarpetLuke: Beckett's 'buttoned-up' look is a nice contrast to
Castle's 'all over the place' approach to the case. (18th March, 2013)

"AFTER THE STORM" - The start of "Caskett" 

@RedCarpetLuke: I'll tell you this now so you can concentrate:  Beckett wears one of
Castle's shirts, made by the fabulous Anto of Beverly Hills. (24th September)

@RedCarpetLuke: Beckett's opening blouse, from DVF, which she took off for being
too sexy and switched to a non-commital crisp white job from Theory (1 October, 2013)

@RedCarpetLuke: For me there is something deeply sexy about a simple
white blouse.  "Don't tell me you dressed like that for Esposito." Ha! (1 October, 2013)
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