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 8x08 (8x07) "MR & MRS CASTLE" post ep bts tweets & pics

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PostSubject: 8x08 (8x07) "MR & MRS CASTLE" post ep bts tweets & pics   Sun Nov 29, 2015 4:17 pm

@AndrewBikichky: Setting up for further coverage in the Morgue Ep807 #Castle

@AndrewBikichky: Shooting on the Morgue set Stage 11 Raleigh Studios Ep807 #Castle

@AndrewBikichky: My 1st AC breaks down the script pages of the scene to help him follow the dialogue for focus racks Ep807 #Castle

@AndrewBikichky: Shooting on the street Downtown LA Ep807 #Castle

@AndrewBikichky: We usually have a water truck like this with us to do wet downs when we shoot exteriors on the street Ep807 #Castle

@AndrewBikichky: We shot for 3 days aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach Ep807 #Castle"

@AndrewBikichky: Bill Roe, ASC spotting a crane position with Director Jeff Bleckner Ep807 #Castle

@AndrewBikichky: We used a Panther Foxy 20' Crane on the deck of the Queen Mary Ep807 #Castle

@AndrewBikichky: A Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera was rigged inside the life jacket bin Ep807 #Castle #BMPCC

@AndrewBikichky: The main engine room, Queen Mary in Long Beach Ep807 #Castle

@AndrewBikichky: Shooting Beckett's POV angle of the suspect before he runs Queen Mary engine room Ep807 #Castle

@AndrewBikichky: Engine room steering wheel Ep807 #Castle reminds me of Jens-Uwe Beyer's The Emissary

@AndrewBikichky: Setting up the dance routine in the Queen's Salon aboard the Queen Mary Ep807 #Castle

@AndrewBikichky: Shooting coverage in the Queen's Salon Ep807 #Castle

@AndrewBikichky: We shot the houseboat in the opening sequence at a small marina near the Queen Mary Ep807 #Castle

@AndrewBikichky: Director Jeff Bleckner, far left, oversees the stunt diving team work out the drift of the dead body Ep807 #Castle

@AndrewBikichky: Our maiden voyage on this new set, a few crew members had to try out the pole... Ep807 #Castle

@AndrewBikichky: Waitin' on sunrise Ep807 #Castle

Have a great weekend:)
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8x08 (8x07) "MR & MRS CASTLE" post ep bts tweets & pics
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