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 Purely Selfish Promotions

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PostSubject: Purely Selfish Promotions   Tue Oct 11, 2011 12:31 am

This thread is purely for the promotion of the Castle fanfic I am pound of called Love, Me. It was made on the Jameson Rook Challenge, so he gave me the prompt, which actually was a couple sentences, and I wrote. Here's the link if anyone'd like to read it...

DEATHFIC! Just warning ya.

Castle: It’s a fact of life. People leave us. Unless you chain them to a radiator, which for some reason is illegal.
Beckett: You have the right to remain silent, so shut the hell up.
Castle: It's not about the books anymore.
Natalie: Can you talk to him?
Beckett: And say what?
Natalie: [Shrugs] I dunno, give him permission or something.
[Beckett is momentarily speechless]
Beckett: I have to go. Over there. [She disappears in a random direction]

Police rep: Mr. Castle, be advised: if you get injured following Detective Beckett to research your next novel, you cannot sue the city. If you get shot, you cannot sue the city. If you get killed...
Castle: My lifeless remains cannot sue the city?

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Purely Selfish Promotions
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