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Welcome to Castle's Old Haunt!
Castle's Old Haunt
Welcome to Castle's Old Haunt!
Castle's Old Haunt
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 The Day After...

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The Day After... Empty
PostSubject: The Day After...   The Day After... Icon_minitimeFri May 18, 2012 4:58 am

I know this is heading towards fan fiction territory.

But what do you want the first scene and Caskett interaction to be on the day after?

Here's my imagination running wild:

- Castle wakes up and Beckett isn't in the room and he utters "Was it a dream?" Just to have another shot at Hart Hanson & Bones happy Then "I smell bacon.."

- Beckett wakes up and looks around sleepily (with sexy bed head of course), walks out of Castle's room wearing one of Castles BIG shirts and sees him making Pancakes of course and she has the typical happy Beckett smile.

- Alexis comes home....and well, I don't know where THAT'S going to go Happy

- Beckett wakes up and Castle is watching her while sitting on a seat and either says

"Now I know what kind of tattoo you have"


"I thought you said you had a navel ring"

Endless possibilities.

What's yours?
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The Day After...
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