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 Castle in Season 5...and Beyond?

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PostSubject: Castle in Season 5...and Beyond?   Castle in Season 5...and Beyond? Icon_minitimeSun Apr 14, 2013 5:08 pm

A/N: This paper was written to give Castle fans a starting point for discussions beyond episode 519. These thoughts are my own, and those of the amazing panel of Castle fans who reviewed it. I want to thank Amanda, KJ, Scott, Sandra, Sharon, Christy, and others who were kind enough to preview this work and give me very good comments. Thanks so very much for the fervor of Castle fans, and for those CASKETT fanatics out there who, through social media, have made their different views and opinions valued. And finally, thanks to the genius of Andrew Marlowe, the writers wing, and our beloved characters that have used their skills to bring us to this point in Andrew’s portrayal of the Caskett love story.
This season has seen significant changes in the relationship between Beckett and Castle. We started the year with them finally getting together and now are seriously dating. This has given Andrew W. Marlowe the opportunity to establish trust between our characters, and has led to some serious and some comedic situations, resulting in very entertaining programming. With them together now for almost a year, the fandom is now wondering ‘What’s next’? One thing that I will NOT address in this paper is the impact of contracts NOT being in place with our performers. I am assuming that ABC will work out these issues if they want the program to advance as far as Season 7 (Media reports have indicated that both Stana and Nathan are signed through Season 6).

Andrew W. Marlowe (AWM), in threading this romance through the Season 5, has started by removing the secret status of their relationship within their family and closest friends (Lanie, Espo, and Kevin) while still keeping the relationship secret from Gates. The characters have transitioned their feelings for each other from one of purely physical (423/501) with some reluctance to share information, to one of 519 where most everything seems to be able to be shared easily. There have been some issues [not dating others while outwardly indicating that they are not really together (502)], learning that they really are for each other only (504) (illustrated by the discussion between Beckett and Castle as they were going to the pool), identifying their traditions and changing them to encompass their partners (509), and throughout the year, Castle has learned more and more about Beckett’s innermost thoughts and ideas. AWM created doubt in Beckett’s mind with her discussion with Meredith in 510, and there has been some exploration of Castle’s past to give Beckett insight into why Castle is as he is (518). To me, there seems to be an increased willingness by Castle to let Beckett see who he really is. There have been many times this year that this has come across; there are other times that Castle has chosen NOT to be as willing to share with Beckett, as illustrated by his secrecy in 515 and 516, and the initial Jordan issue in 518. However, there is an obvious increase in openness demonstrated by our characters to provide insight into various aspects of their personalities which were not there before they got together. AWM has given us glimpses into the changes in their relationship, and both Stana and Nathan have done masterful jobs executing these changes in their roles. Even in 519, while comedic, watching Castle bumble his way into the staged murder, the acting by both Stana and Nathan in the party scene was spectacular. The abilities of the stars who play our favorite characters are worthy of a book themselves—maybe another time!

So, the question is: What’s next? The fandom wants to hear Kate utter those magic words “I love you”, and some want both Kate and Rick to say them. AWM has shown us a trend of getting closer to that point, at least with Kate Beckett in 519 when she did use the ‘love’ word, and what’s behind it needs to come out. While comedic in actions sometimes, Castle is a very private person in feelings and attitudes. The ‘Jordan’ incident in 518 was very helpful in Kate learning more about her guy. One reason that it worked so well was because Kate had learned to handle his feelings sensitively. This came from her longtime growing relationship with him. Letting Kate see ‘behind his wall’, whether done via dramatic event [hopefully not as dramatic as Target and Hunt (515 and 516)] where we learned about Castle’s father, and Castle’s real love for family, or just in tender loving moments between our characters, this should come this season. It’s been spoiled by AWM earlier as ‘an emotional event in the finale’ (my paraphrasing of his statement, not his) but everything that I have seen indicates that we will get I Love You from both our characters before this season is over.

After I Love You, what will come next? There will be bumps along the road, according to AWM, and I believe that these bumps will be identified, and information gaps that cause them will be explored and they will be worked out. In fact, the more you know about a person, the closer you become. Kate has said this in both 518 with the Jordan scene and in 519 when ‘love’ was first used. Cementing this relationship has been a goal of AWM. Castle has already demonstrated that he will fight to the death for those he loves—many times protecting KB as her partner, 515 and 516 in regard to Alexis, and Martha (407). I’m sure that in the remaining episodes this year (520, 524, 521, 522, and 523) there will be similar type situations, but given their concern and love for each other, Rick and Kate will get through these situations with positive results. I’m not saying that AWM won’t give us bumps (and the fandom heart attacks and bruises) along the way, but I believe the end result will be as the fandom expects—at the end of Season 5, both Kate and Rick will point toward a more permanent arrangement (exchange of apartment keys, Kate moving into the loft, etc.), and for sure, I Love You. I’m hoping that AWM will not hold the fandom hostage in regard to this, and will allow us to watch the show with a reasonable expectation of the results that will be in place at the end of the Finale on 13 May. AWM has promised a very emotionally segment in the 523 Finale. We don’t know what that will be, but we assume that it will not destroy what has developed over the years, but we have to be prepared for anything, particularly in regard to growing the relationship between our characters. AWM prefers this approach, and most of the analysts who reviewed this paper agree that we will see it. In fact, AWM has spoiled this concept for episode 521.

Given these positions for our characters, what might we expect in Season 6? There should be a Season 6 given the excellent ratings and draw-power of this show. The items below are certainly not in priority or chronological order, but I believe must be addressed.

1. Gates Conflict. I can see the conflict with Capt. Gates being a minor one that must be addressed, and I frankly have no expectation as to how this will be handled. It may, in fact, be settled prior to the start of Season 6. More than one reviewer thinks so. Capt. Gates is intelligent, and our characters are getting more and more open about their relationship. There have been plenty of FanFict considerations of this situation. One interesting scenario had Gates causing changes in KB’s status, and RC still supporting the detective team. I’m sure there are others. One reviewer mentioned that there had been absolutely no mention of Gates backstory except for her love of her mother-in-law(yeah, right!), and that she is happily married(remember Rick’s mix-up with Kate’s gift on Valentine’s Day 2013). Is there a story there? We’ll leave that to the genius of AWM and the writers.
2. Kevin/Jenny Ryan child. Other situations include as Kevin Ryan and his bride as they approach impending parenthood (Jenny’s pregnant per 518). Impacts of this on Ryan and his work on Beckett’s team could be interesting. Will there be a secret held here regarding this pregnancy? AWM indicates that the news might be held off until Jenny is through her first trimester, but we’ll have to see how this impacts Ryan’s character. Will there be other babies? Will this spark Caskett to get more serious regarding children in the future? Only AWM knows.
3. Esposito and Lanie as a couple. I fully expect Lanie and Espo will be together as a couple in Season 6 and all the issues that may be there. There was plenty of evidence in the party scene in 519 that this could easily happen. This relationship is fraught with drama, and has been since the very beginning of the series. There has been little exploration of their backstories, and given AWM’s desire for relationships to be out in the open, this is one area that may be addressed in the upcoming season.
4. Further exploration of KB and RC’s relationships and backgrounds. There are several things which have not been addressed as completely as necessary in my mind’s eye before AWM can carry this relationship to another level. These will continue to be addressed in Season 6. I think one area will be that of Castle’s father, another may also be that of Sen. Bracken, and also that of 3XK, (who most of the fandom think DID NOT die on the bridge when Castle shot him while protecting Kate). Getting these situations out of the way could lead to the next significant step in their relationship.
5. Castle and Beckett Engagement. I would suggest that over the first 6 months of Season 6, there might be an engagement ring for KB, and my CASKETT romantic self would like to see that at Christmas time, but I’m sure Terri Edda Miller/Andrew W. Marlowe will put that into being at their own pace, with maximum dramatic skills, and probably during the February or May 2014 sweeps period. Some reviewers think it might occur during a season finale in Season 6, and it would certainly be an audience drawing point. I would suggest that if this happens around Christmas time, the rest of Season 6 will be fraught with situations which will explore some of those things identified in (4) above. There will be discussion of children once they get engaged, and AWM will use this to maximum dramatic effect. However, I do not think that there will be a Castle-Beckett wedding in Season 6 unless there is clear and convincing evidence that ABC is not going to renew the series for Season 7. With Andrew’s genius, and the popularity of the program, I can’t see that happening, but networks do strange things from time to time!
6. Issues of Alexis. At some point, RC’s relationship with Alexis/Martha and KB will conflict again. Alexis is away at college, so we probably won’t see as much of her as we did in previous years, and the Martha/Kate relationship seems sound. However, I believe that there will be some conflict here, although it might not be dramatic.
7. FBI-DHS Involvement. AWM has indicated that he would like to have Jordan Shaw of the FBI come back on the show. Dana Delaney is starring on ABC, which makes it easier, and she could return as the FBI person. The promised introduction of surveillance drones in episode 523 could bring in Homeland Security, since all domestic use of such drones involves DHS. It’ll be interesting to watch this area develop and see if AWM brings back Mark Fallon of DHS.
8. Wedding on the Beach at the Hamptons. Stana said at Paley in 2012 that a Season 7 wedding would be nice—that could have been just kidding on her part, but the timing does seem to be right, unless AWM wants to drag it out further. If there were a catastrophic illness/injury of our characters, for example, it might wait all the way to the end of Season 7, and its timing would be solely based upon the future plans of the show. My CASKETT romantic side says this would be just fine, but I don’t write the show—AWM does, and his genius is much beyond mine! I really believe that there will be a CASKETT wedding in Season 7. You might ask—AWM, where can be the conflict in that? How about guest lists, involvement of RC’s previous spouses, KB’s friends, seating charts, etc.? You don’t see conflict? I do, and the reviewers do, and I can just see the smirk on AWM/TEMs faces as they write this! It’ll be great! Andrew—plan conflict, but not so much that an elopement results!
9. Caskett Babies. Don’t know girl or boy, but again Stana wants babies in this program—she has said it in more than one interview. I believe that was based upon her desires, and some knowledge of where AWM is pointing the show. Nathan has been pretty quiet in regard to additional children, but since Beckett has Castle wrapped around her finger, I believe that this will ultimately happen in Season 7 or beyond. His issues regarding children were briefly addressed in 506, and probably will be addressed further as bumps once an engagement is announced. This is just another area that AWM will work to break down differences between our characters

So, how far should we project? I suggest that Season 7 is probably too far away to expect anyone to be correct in regard to what might happen. This kind of projection is fun, but as any serious analyst will tell you—the longer ahead you’re projecting, the higher the likelihood that you will be wrong. Tie that in with the genius of AWM, and you can almost guarantee it. But it is fun to discuss the possibilities, and allow ourselves to watch the genius of AWM and the writer’s wing shape our characters’ lives. After all, what is fandom all about if it’s not idolizing our characters and living/dying with their situations?
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Castle in Season 5...and Beyond?
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