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 My take on "Castle 6x01 VALKYRIE" - Tinkonbrink

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My take on "Castle 6x01 VALKYRIE" - Tinkonbrink Empty
PostSubject: My take on "Castle 6x01 VALKYRIE" - Tinkonbrink   My take on "Castle 6x01 VALKYRIE" - Tinkonbrink Icon_minitimeMon Sep 23, 2013 1:05 pm

Started this...will finish tomorrow (hopefully)

Castle 6x01 begins…

…and we hear

Stana Katic on voice over: “Previously on Castle”

And so beginneth the montage:

We see the job interview that Beckett attended (5x24)…

My take on "Castle 6x01 VALKYRIE" - Tinkonbrink Valkyr10

WARDROBE & HAIR SIDEBAR: Beckett went to that FBI job interview in, what I like to call, the “WhiteShirtOfWoe“, her hair was in a very tight and neat “BeckettBun” and the suit was tight and sharper than a guillotine. Luke Reichle of the Castle wardrobe department giving us a BIG hint here - wardrobe and hair is an outside manifestation of internal character mindset.

…at her “Watershed” job interview we are reminded once again that opportunities like this only come along “once in a lifetime.”

Next scene is Lanie and Beckett talking about the Caskett relationship, how “[they’re] in this relationship but [they] never talk about where [they] are going.” If Beckett gets the job in DC then they are gonna have to.

We have the argument Beckett and Castle had because Beckett didn’t tell Castle about the job. She thought he’d be upset - “You’re danm right I’m upset.”

Followed by Jim Beckett asking his daughter what she wants? She says, “This job…it’s what I want.” And Martha asking her son if the reason he’s holding back is because he does not think that it’s going to work? (Yeah, THANKS for NUTHIN parents!)

Annnnnnnd, then were back in the park, at the swings and Castle asks…

Castle: “Katherine Houghton Beckett…will you marry me?

[Music that plays in the background is another variation on Robert Duncan’s “I Just Want You” theme that originated in the “Always” episode]

Beckett: “Oh my God! Oh my God! You’re proposing!
Castle: “M’okay, you sound surprised?”
Beckett: “Of course I’m surprised! I thought you were breaking up with me!”
Castle: “By offering you a ring?
Beckett: “Well…you just- You seemed so serious.”
Castle: “Yeah, ‘couse I’m serious! This is the most serious thing I’ve ever done”
[Beckett grabs castle and kisses him]
Castle: “So that’s a ‘Yes’?”
Beckett: “No, wait…
Castle: “No?”
Beckett: “No, no, no….not ‘No’”
Castle: “So, ‘Yes’?”
Beckett: Ummmm…
Castle: “Not ‘Yes’?”
Beckett: “No! Not, ‘not yes’…I-…”
Castle: “You DO know how this works, right?”
Beckett: “There’s something I have to tell you. I got the job…”
Castle: “In DC?”
Beckett: “Castle, I love you…but this is my shot. If I don’t do this I’ll always regret it. Look, if this changes anything for you, if this changes the way that you feel…”
Castle: “Kate, I’m not proposing to you to keep you here, or because I’m afraid I’m gonna lose you. I’m proposing because I can’t imagine my life without you. If that means when things get difficult we have to figure them out? Then I am willing to figure them out. Assuming you’re willing to figure them out with me?”
Beckett: Well, in that case…Richard Edgar Alexander Rodgers Castle, yes, yes I will marry you.
Beckett: [Castle slides the ring onto her finger] “It’s BIG!”
Castle: “Nah, you just have remarkably tiny fingers”
Beckett: “Were gonna be able to make this work, right?”
Castle: “We’re gonna be great. DC is gonna be great. I promise.

My take on "Castle 6x01 VALKYRIE" - Tinkonbrink Valkyr11

Annnnnnd…we go from that lovely wide shot of Caskett kissing amid the green greenery of the park to…


[Nice stock shot swinging over DC and gravitating towards the Washington Monument]

Beckett is running down the streets of DC…

RANDOM SIDEBAR: DC seems to have very funny air quality or a filter has been used on the camera/post-production. Judging by that grey tinge and the jittery music Robert Duncan is throwing at us? Meh, DC is not gonna be “great” at all

My take on "Castle 6x01 VALKYRIE" - Tinkonbrink Valkyr12

WARDROBE & HAIR SIDEBAR: The WhiteShirtOfWoe is back, tucked into Beckett’s trousers. That’s not good. The only reprieve is that the top couple of buttons are undone. The hair is a step-down from the BeckettBun in a ponytail.

My take on "Castle 6x01 VALKYRIE" - Tinkonbrink Valkyr13

Beckett chases the male subject into a side alley (you can tell he’s bad news, he has a skull on his t-shirt), she shouts for him to come out with his hands on his head.
The man comes out…with a handy hostage (a nice innocent blonde woman who must have just been taking a nice innocent walk down that, uh, nice alleyway. Yeah)

My take on "Castle 6x01 VALKYRIE" - Tinkonbrink Valkyr14
(Really, it’s UNCANNY)

FederalBeckett advances on the man with her gun drawn. The man (who has an awful Russian accent. IS that supposed to be Russian?) tells her to put her weapon on the ground.
Beckett concedes, and puts her gun on the ground. She drops a small metal disc on the top of her weapon and slides it over to AwfulRussianAccentMan. A flash bang goes off and Beckett uses this distraction to smack AwfulRussianAccentMan (ARAM) and generally manhandle him into submission, bashing him against a dumpster for good measure. (Take THAT, ARAM!!!)
Beckett cuffs ARAM and shouts to that nice innocent blonde hostage, “You alright, ma’am?” She scans the alley for that nice lady…but where IS she?

GASP! Nice innocent bolde hostage is really AwfulRussianAccentWoman! She has her gun pointed at Beckett! “
“I’m fine,” she tells her in her *cough* marvellous Russian accent…


Blood blooms across the WhiteShirtOfWoe (I TOLD you that shirt was a harbinger of doom)

Beckett drops to the floor of the alley!!!! :O

The awful accent couple run away…

Rachel McCord (Lisa Edlestein) rounds the corner and shouts for Beckett. (Hey, Lady? Where were you like, five minutes ago?) She walks up to Beckett (who is still flat on the floor but breathing)

Rachel McCord: “ Agent Beckett, congratulations. Because of you the Chechens now have out nuclear launch codes. Nice job.”

And the awful accent couple reappear clapping

Whew! Beckett is not really shot.
Double Whew! It was all a training exercise.
Triple Whew! There WAS a reason for those awful accents.

WARDROBE SIDEBAR: Wanna play a game with me? You do?! Right, well it’s called Shirt Swap. And you play it like this…

When Beckett wears a white shirt, you wear a blue shirt. When Beckett wears a blue shirt, you wear a white shirt. Got that? Yeah, Rachel McCord loves to play a good game of Shirt Swap (more on this later. Play along, now)

My take on "Castle 6x01 VALKYRIE" - Tinkonbrink Valkyr15

From the alley incident we go to a new set (Hello, Alfred Sole and the Castle Art department, I’m looking at you!) The FBI set has that blue/grey tinge to it as well, big glass doors and strip lighting up the walls(?) They are obviously looking to save money for the economy by reducing the lighting. Or it could be that we are supposed to be longing for the warm wooden tones of the 12th Precinct once again? Huh.

My take on "Castle 6x01 VALKYRIE" - Tinkonbrink Valkyr16

Rachel McCord talks to Beckett and analyses how the exercise went wrong. She tells Beckett to use her judgement and instincts, to “step up her game.”

Agent Hendrix comes and talks to Beckett. He tells her it is better to die in training than in real life and he invites her out for a drink. Beckett tells him she has plans for the weekend…
Enter Rachel McBubbleBurster back into the scene to say, plans for the weekend? Not any more! Apparently, there has been an “incident” a “potential national security breach” (Well, that doesn’t sound too good…)

We leave Beckett (her WhiteShirtOfWoe and the grey greyness of D.C. )…

The door of Castle’s loft opens and in comes Castle - the cardboard cut-out of Castle…being carried by the man himself.

Martha: “Ah, the prodigal son returns”

Castle says he’s been on a book tour. He has done twelve cities in eleven days. He sees suitcases in the hall and wonders if Alexis is back from her travels?
Cue Alexis (looking slightly hippy slash bohemian) as she trots down the stairs. And Alexis has brought home am odd souvenir from her travels…

Pi, a curly-haired ball of, eh… (I am left wondering if his name is short for Piscine…but that is another literary reference all together.) The jury is out on Pi, like “pie” but without the “e”, coz apparently the “whole spelling thing stifles creativity.” (So…”Tha whole spolling thang stuffles creotivity”? Huh. Good to know.) What a thing to say to a writer!!!
Alexis suggests letting her dad “decompress” and she and Pi wander off to the kitchen. Castle looks like he wants to decompress Pi.

Castle gets a phone call from Beckett.

Castle: “Please tell me your flight is not delayed. I don’t think I can bare another minute not seeing you.”

But Beckett is not at the airport. No. She’s still stuck in DC on that case.

COLOUR SIDEBAR: This is perhaps the best scene to illustrate the intentional counterpoint of DC and New York. Castle’s loft is all creams, browns, caramels and red/orange. He is wearing a red shirt. Beckett is in blue and grey. DC has a harsh cold light. The message to audience is supposed to be taking from this is very simple: DC is cold and bad. And, in counterpoint NYC is warm and good.

My take on "Castle 6x01 VALKYRIE" - Tinkonbrink Valkyr17

WARDROBE SIDEBAR: Beckett and McCord have changed the game from Shirt Swap to Shirt Snap. I never got the memo.

My take on "Castle 6x01 VALKYRIE" - Tinkonbrink Valkyr18

Back to the conversation!

Beckett says she loves him, Castle says he loves her and they hang up the phone. Awwwww!!!
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My take on "Castle 6x01 VALKYRIE" - Tinkonbrink
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