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Welcome to Castle's Old Haunt!
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 Castle Art Dept tweets (S7)

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PostSubject: Castle Art Dept tweets (S7)   Castle Art Dept tweets (S7) Icon_minitimeTue Jul 22, 2014 3:11 pm

@CastleArtDept: Any questions about the production design of #Castle? Tweet them my way!

@B_Tru_2_You: @CastleArtDept Which has been your favorite set design so far?  #Castle

@CastleArtDept: @B_Tru_2_You The underground CIA offices!

@lexipediaa: @CastleArtDept What's your favorite set on #Castle ? Smile

@CastleArtDept: @lexipediaa I love Castle's loft! I want to live there myself!

@Beckettslover: @CastleArtDept How long does it take to build an entire set?

@CastleArtDept: @Beckettslover A few days...we are quick! We have an amazing construction team!

@StanaticsBR: @CastleArtDept do u still have Beckett's apartment set? When a set like that 1 isn't used anymore what happens to all the decor & furniture?

@CastleArtDept: @StanaticsBR Still have it! With all the surprises the writers throw at us, we never know when we will need it again!

@L_Peckham: @CastleArtDept how long do you have with the script before they shoot? What's the turn around time for the art dept?

@CastleArtDept: @L_Peckham About 7 days. Not long at all! We have to act fast!

@castlekitten47: @CastleArtDept  Are the set designs collaborative or is it one persons inspiration & then perspiration? lol

@CastleArtDept: @castlekitten47 Collaborative with the director and writers and my wonderful Art team!

@manamitru: @CastleArtDept Have you built any new permanent sets for #Castle #Season7?

@CastleArtDept: @manamitru Not yet Wink

@NiaEbraidford: @CastleArtDept will we ever see Martha's bedroom???

@CastleArtDept: @NiaEbraidford A lady must keep some things a mystery Smile

@Shiny5x5: @CastleArtDept How do you draft out your design concepts?

@CastleArtDept: @Shiny5x5 InDesign
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Castle Art Dept tweets (S7) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Castle Art Dept tweets (S7)   Castle Art Dept tweets (S7) Icon_minitimeWed Sep 24, 2014 7:12 pm

@CastleArtDept: Is #CastleMonday here already? Am I right guys?
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Castle Art Dept tweets (S7)
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