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 Erik Altstadt tweets (S8)

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PostSubject: Erik Altstadt tweets (S8)   Erik Altstadt tweets (S8) Icon_minitimeSun Jul 26, 2015 3:06 pm

@EAkorn: #Castle Q&A time is on!!! I will not answer any story questions or personal questions pertaining to the actors. #CastleSeason8

@love_caskett_: @EAkorn if you could describe season 8 In word what would that word be?

@EAkorn: Exciting

@SerePellizzari: @EAkorn What's the best part about working w/ Stana, Nathan and all of cast&crew?

@EAkorn: Joking around in between takes

@Xtfania: @EAkorn are you going to filming something raining or snowing like the real NY? @OldManWinter14 @AlexiHawley

@EAkorn: I guess that would be up to them. Haha. We will see. That could be fun.

@rainbowkatic: @EAkorn on a scale of 1-10 how much will we love the new season

@EAkorn: I'm loving what we are doing so far. I think it will get to see things that we haven't seen before.

@IMMeganLeigh: @EAkorn What do u find to be the most important thing to remember when mic-ing/recording audio? #Castle

@EAkorn: Knowing what the shot is. Last thing we want to a broken mic. Also keeping the set quiet for clean dialogue.

@Sophy_CA: @EAkorn what's your favorite scene play? Castle's loft? The precinct?

@EAkorn: Castle's loft has always felt like a second home.

@NortheyBrian: @EAkorn What is the most difficult thing about filming in LA?

@EAkorn: None of our locations tend to be quiet. Always near busy streets.

@Purple_Waters: @EAkorn Is the new permanent set a smaller space or a big one? What ep is it in? #CastleSeason8

@EAkorn: You will just have to wait and see!! Haha.

@writerandcop: @EAkorn can you describe 8x01 in three words?

@EAkorn: Castle Castle Castle

@Sammi_Beckett: @ItsMehOkay look at @EAkorn tweet about 8x1 that's why people are saying Castle centric ep

@EAkorn: That doesn't necessarily mean that

@Allysmitty91: @EAkorn do u have a fave #Castle episode?

@EAkorn: My favorite has always been the comic con episode from a few seasons back

@cmpnevans: @EAkorn how many seasons have you been working on #Castle?

@EAkorn: This is my 4th!

@cupcakepaulson: @EAkorn Who's the funniest person on set?

@EAkorn: When @NathanFillion @Jon_Huertas and @seamusdever are together on set, it's hard to stop laughing

@janafisher47: @EAkorn does each scene take a lot of takes or pretty fast

@EAkorn: It really depends on the director and the vision of the scene.

@_OneWriterGirl_: @EAkorn has anyone pulled any good jokes this season already? Another cup glued to a desk? Something? Smile

@EAkorn: We shot a BTS thing that I hope will make the DVD. I can't say anything about it though.

@AlwaysCaskett__: @EAkorn Who is #Castle for you ? A father, a man, an husband, a partner, a son ? Other ?

@EAkorn: You got me with this one. He would do anything for the ladies in his life. They are his world

@jassikatic98: @EAkorn is there anything you definitely want in Season 8? Like a special scene or person?

@EAkorn: Seeing Esposito and Ryan and their 70's costumes had me in stitches. Themed episodes are fun

@StanaKaticI47: @EAkorn what got you interested in working on a TV set like Castle?

@EAkorn: The family like setting

@_emma2_: @EAkorn most challenging thing you've done on the Castle set?

@EAkorn: Changing departments. Going from a production assistant to a sound utility

@ABettis83: @EAkorn how much of the dialogue has to be redone in ADR?

@EAkorn: We do everything we can to keep the dialogue as clean as possible. Most changes come from story ideas

@CastleBeckettBR: @EAkorn What do you like the most: Shooting in studio or outdoors?

@EAkorn: Personally I would rather be inside, but they both have their perks

@RickHeartsKate: @EAkorn how is it working with our newest actress Toks?

@EAkorn: @ToksOlagundoye is very sweet and fun to work with. Very much a professional

@AlwaysCaskett__: @EAkorn Your favorite Caskett moment ?

@EAkorn: I believe it was the 100th episode and the bday reveal when Castle solved the case from his window

@GeekerMom: @EAkorn The multiple stories & their arcs fascinate me. Do you have a storyline that you prefer & why? One that you'd like to see expanded?

@EAkorn: I would love to see more of the Hollander Woods storyline expanded on

@Mag41319: @EAkorn If you could what character in Castle would you like to play?

@EAkorn: We've joked about it for years that I could play Castle's brother

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Erik Altstadt tweets (S8)
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