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 4.11 "'TILL DEATH DO US PART" - discussion

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4.11 "'TILL DEATH DO US PART" - discussion Empty
PostSubject: 4.11 "'TILL DEATH DO US PART" - discussion   4.11 "'TILL DEATH DO US PART" - discussion Icon_minitimeTue Jan 10, 2012 1:52 am

Very disappointing episode in my opinion. Caskett nowhere to be seen. The end scene with them walking into the chapel was merely obligatory; as far as any chemistry is concerned they were MIA. The entire episode was about Esposito and his relationship with Lanie and Ryan trying to stick to that rediculous "cleanse", while Esposito tortured him with donuts. It seemed like Ryan and Esposito were doing most of the investigating. Castle and Beckett were just going around saying: Let's go get this suspect. Now maybe we should get that suspect. There was no teasing, no flirting, no dreamy eyes, no passionate theory building... NOTHING. They didn't have a single conversation the entire episode except for that awkward "should we tell Ryan about the cheating" bit. The absolute lack of any romantic chemistry between the two leads would be bad in any episode, but in a wedding episode it's just AWFUL. A newcomer to the show watching this episode, and in fact most of this season (with honorable exceptions for "Beholder and C&R" would not think that Caskett had any feelings for each other, let alone being in love......
Alright, I'm just going to come right out and say this: I think the show is done. Call me a pessimist if you like, prove me wrong if you can (In fact I would be very happy if I turned out to be wrong), but I believe the show is over. The cases are getting recycled, and the characters are becoming flat, and I get the distinct impression that the writers aren't really enjoying themselves anymore. They are just going through the motions, but the spark is gone.

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4.11 "'TILL DEATH DO US PART" - discussion Empty
PostSubject: Re: 4.11 "'TILL DEATH DO US PART" - discussion   4.11 "'TILL DEATH DO US PART" - discussion Icon_minitimeTue Jan 10, 2012 3:00 am

^I COMPLETELY disagree. OMG! There was chemistry all over the place, and in a, I thought, much deeper way. It wasn't just, "I think you're hot" flirtation, it was alot of, "we both KNOW where this is gonna go, and it's serious." I especially noticed it in Kate. When Castle was off spinning his theories, she had this look was this almost...adoration. More importantly, she let Rick see some of those looks. She's dropping little relationship hints everywhere, and Castle seems to be picking them up. I LOVED how she answered his question about her "number." Paraphrasing, but she basically says that guys in a relationship THINK they want to know, but they really don't. The look she gave him was definitely, I thought, sexy.

As for the writers not having fun... Shocked The quips and general rhythm of this script seemed like a LOT of fun to write. There was alot of playfulness throughout, which I really liked.

I liked the Lanie & Esposito thing also, I'm glad they didn't just act like the breakup was not a big deal. We don't need it in every episode, but I enjoy these lighter more ensemble-like episodes as much as the more intense pieces.

I WILL say that what does stand out for me is that Castle is holding back. I can see it in Nathan's performance in that he has these moments where he's glowing in reaction, but then pulls back. Given the secret he's holding, I can see why he would. So, no, he isn't trying to kiss her, and isn't trying to push her. It's a bit of a role reversal to have Kate being the more flirtatious one, but given she's the one trying to knock down her walls, it makes sense.

I don't need them to be making out in the breakroom (at this point) to have something be Caskett. I like the sense of emotional progress in both characters, and it seems like it brings them closer together. I definitely DON'T feel that the show is over. For one, the characters continue to evolve. So many shows don't let that happen. Secondly, the progression is logical and has alot of room to keep going. I really think Marlowe follows the line of the characters' development, for the most part things add up. His first slip-up opinion was Beholder, but he's more than made up for it.

As for being a pessimist - you're allowed! Very Happy. I have no problem with them. Everyone doesn't view things the same way. It doesn't mean I'm gonna agree though. Wink
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4.11 "'TILL DEATH DO US PART" - discussion Empty
PostSubject: Re: 4.11 "'TILL DEATH DO US PART" - discussion   4.11 "'TILL DEATH DO US PART" - discussion Icon_minitimeTue Jan 10, 2012 12:09 pm

I LOVED this episode!

So much so...when it got to the end & the credits began I was like "WHAT!? It can't be finished already? Surely there's another 30mins to go?" Alas, there was no more...

Ryan & Esposito with the doughnut? happy
That just might be my new favorite Ryan/Espo moment...Look at them!

I also feel the need to post this:

In reference to the above video I have these comments. Time stamped. Very Happy

1:46- Castle's "Black widow" theory/speech ("As soon as he feels the ecstasy of achieving his biological destiny" happy Why use one word when you can use 12! happy )

Two little things here: The creepy plucky of the violin strings music reminds me of an X File episode called "Tooms"

And every time I hear Bolero it makes me think of this (I can't help it. It's stamped on the English Psyche Very Happy :

Anyway...where was I? Ah yes, the Black widow idea! Look at Beckett's face at 2:03! She is dying to laugh (pardon the pun)...and at 3:20 when Castle's on about the fake ID!

8:45 Castle: "She's going from mud wrap to murder rap, exfoliation to interrogation, manicure to manacles, shiatsu to...(mutters) shiatsu?????" happy

And the ENDING!!!!

If Beckett thinks that Castle looks like a "lost puppy" then let me tell you something...she looks like she wants to take him home and adopt him! (And maybe put a collar and leash on him...but that's another story! Razz )

I loved it! cheers happy
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4.11 "'TILL DEATH DO US PART" - discussion Empty
PostSubject: Re: 4.11 "'TILL DEATH DO US PART" - discussion   4.11 "'TILL DEATH DO US PART" - discussion Icon_minitimeTue Jan 10, 2012 5:41 pm

I'm on the fence somewhere between Dstorm's views and Becksites. LOL

For me, the spark is kinda gone because Castle has pulled so far back that I can only really tell that Beckett is in love. I can't *see* Castle's anymore. I *want* to see Castle's love for her too.

I know Castle is still in love with her but it is so buried right now that if I were a newcomer and I hadn't seen the first episode... I'd think Beckett's love for him wasn't reciprocated.

I know he's holding onto a huge secret but you can't just bury it this deep and not let the audience see that inner struggle and let THEM know at least that he hasn't buried his feelings for Beckett along with that secret. We haven't heard a PEEP about that secret in ages....maybe if the secret was still around I could feel more of what Becksite is feeling but... It's almost like its been forgotten (I know it hasn't, it's just a feeling). So they need to either drop us a hint of that secret he is hiding, kind of remind us or bring a little of Season 3 Castle in love with Beckett back. For me anyway. Otherwise I'm kinda losing interest.

The ending of this episode would have held so much more meaning to me if flirty Castle in love with Beckett had shown up instead of Castle I've got a secret but it hasn't been mentioned or hinted to in forever I bet half the audience has forgotten I have it and is wondering if it really is playing any role in the reason why I'm not my usual flirty self with Beckett. Again, that's my point of view.

And yes, them walking down the isle toward an alter was very poetic and meaningful. But I still want Season 3 Rick Castle back. :/

4.11 "'TILL DEATH DO US PART" - discussion 34xnzt1
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4.11 "'TILL DEATH DO US PART" - discussion Empty
PostSubject: Re: 4.11 "'TILL DEATH DO US PART" - discussion   4.11 "'TILL DEATH DO US PART" - discussion Icon_minitime

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4.11 "'TILL DEATH DO US PART" - discussion
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