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Welcome to Castle's Old Haunt!
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 05.03 "SECRET'S SAFE WITH ME" - discussion

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05.03 "SECRET'S SAFE WITH ME" - discussion Empty
PostSubject: 05.03 "SECRET'S SAFE WITH ME" - discussion   05.03 "SECRET'S SAFE WITH ME" - discussion Icon_minitimeTue Oct 09, 2012 4:40 am

Happy I am LOVING this season! What's not to love? It's a relationship that's been 4 years in the making - not too quick & not too slow. So now we fans really get to enjoy all the little moments they share. Loved the handholding thing. Talk about a secret handshake! Very Happy What was interesting was how long they seem to have alone but actually, if you think about it, has to be really fast. Also, the case was REALLY good. All the cases thus far have been interesting, odd, and not at all where I'd expect them to good. I so thought it was about the bracelet! SO, what did anyone else think?
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05.03 "SECRET'S SAFE WITH ME" - discussion
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